A Child’s Faith

In this week’s lesson on our Catechism questions, I gave an illustration that speaks to the heart. The faith of a little girl challenges all of us:

A young girl at Portsea, Hampshire, who died at nine years of age, one day in her illness, said to her aunt, with whom she lived, ‘when I am dead I should like Mr Griffin to preach a sermon to children, to persuade them to love Jesus Christ, to obey their parents, not to tell lies, but to think about dying and going to heaven.

I have been thinking,’ said she, ‘what text I should like him to preach from—2 Kings 4.26. You are the Shunammite, Mr Griffin is the prophet, and I am the Shunammite’s child.

When I am dead, I daresay you will be grieved, though you need not. The prophet will come to see you, and when he says, “How is it with the child?” you may say, “It is well.” I am sure it will then be well with me, for I shall be in heaven, singing the praises of God. You ought to think it well too.’ Mr Griffin accordingly fulfilled the wish of this pious child.

The illustration comes from “The Assembly’s Shorter Catechism Illustrated by Appropriate Anecdotes” by John Whitecross.


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