Spurgeon on Worry

While preaching yesterday on Luke 12:21-31, I read some quotes from a sermon by C.H. Spurgeon. The sermon is “Without Carefulness,” Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit v. 28: No. 1692. Mr. Spurgeon’s insights are timeless and his style is compelling. Here are the quotes:

I do not care to have a man of my acquaintance who does not believe in me. I cannot bear him if he is always mistrusting me. And so it is with God: he will not commune with you or smile upon you, if you will not trust him; but if you will leave everything with him, and believe that your heavenly Father knows best, you shall have many a kind word from his lips, and you shall find what a good, gracious, loving Father he is. Why, you and I ought to be as happy as the birds of the air, and as merry as crickets on the hearth; for what a God we have, who will take care of us both in this life and in the life to come!

He sends you troubles and trials, but be without carefulness, first, by never trying to anticipate them. Never meet them half-way. “Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.” Oh, the strength it gives a man when he learns to pray, “Give us this day our daily bread”! It would be a poor prayer if a man should cry, “Lord, give me a guarantee of my bread for six months.” No, no; the Lord never taught us to ask for that: that forestalling of the demands of the future finds no petition written for it. Our Lord would have us cultivate the feeling that whatever the necessity of the day, whatever the requirement of the day, whatever the trial of the day, we shall take it to God as it comes, and he will there and then meet the case. Commit your way unto the Lord, and then be without carefulness. I will now tell you something better still. If you can manage to live by the five minutes, that is better than living by the day. I am not tonight, at twenty minutes past eight o’clock, allowed to fret myself about what is likely to happen at ten. I have grace at this time for the present moment, but not for ten o’clock; why, therefore, should I hurry towards a trouble for which I am not yet prepared? Leave ten o’clock worries till ten o’clock comes. The hour that brings the trial will bring the strength. The hour that tests you will find God ready at your hand to help you. Live by the day: ay, live by the hour.


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