Bible Reading for 2013

Well, it is time to prepare for the next year of Bible reading. The most effective way to read the Bible is to have a plan. That plan should include when the Bible will be read (In the morning? At night? Both?) and how the Bible will be read. There are many plans for meaningful Bible reading. Here are some resources to help prepare for 2013:

Ligonier Ministries has several plans with downloadable schedules here.

Justin Taylor points to several resources here.

Crossway, the publishers of the ESV (an excellent modern translation) has a chart of ten different plans here. For each plan there are links to subscribe by email, download a schedule, download a calendar app, or subscribe to an RSS feed that includes an audio file for each reading.

I like the idea of using an audio Bible. For some that can be a great blessing to redeem the commute time of each day. For 2013, I plan to listen to an audio Bible while reading my portion for each day. That will help keep me attentive, keep me moving along, and will double the effectiveness of my reading by using multiple sensory input.

Many have smartphones that can use apps to help them read methodically. In 2012, I used the ReadingPlan app to follow the M’Cheyne reading program. Not only is ReadingPlan free, it offers many different reading schedules. It also has the option of actually opening the Bible to each passage. It does this by accessing free online Bibles or links to Bibles you already have on your device.

This year I am planning to try a new approach. I will use the ReadingPlan’s Chronological schedule (reading the Bible in the order in which events happened). At the same time I will listen to the passages in the ESV read by Max McLean. I am already excited to start!

What about you? Do you have a plan? Do you have some resources you have enjoyed?


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  1. Barb Torp-Pedersen

    excellent blog post

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