Everyman’s Bible Commentary Kindle Sale

Everyman’s Bible Commentary Series is published by Moody Press. Top evangelical scholars have written helpful commentaries at the non-technical level. The paperbacks sell for $9.99 each. Right now the Kindle versions are selling for $0.99 each. It is hard to beat a price like that for a useful commentary from a reliable source.

The list of available volumes may be found here.


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One response to “Everyman’s Bible Commentary Kindle Sale

  1. Bo

    Thank you for the tip! I have downloaded and am enjoying the commentary on Acts. While searching through other available commentaries in the Kindle bookstore I noticed that the Crossway ESV Study Bible (Kindle version) is currently marked down to $9.90. Although the commentaries are not quite as lengthy as the Everyman’s series you do get a pretty detailed insight into the origin, author, and structure of all 66 books as well as all the charts, graphs and maps that are part of the ESV Study Bible. The book maneuvers very easily on my Kindle app (android tablet) . Additional note: the Scofield KJV is $2.25. In reading parts of the samples available for Genesis 1, I was surprised to learn that Mr Scofield was not convinced of a “young earth” creation story.
    Thanks again for the tips. Lots of good reading ahead for me…
    Merry Christmas!

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