Al Mohler on the Elections as a Worldview Test

Dr. Al Mohler is always insightful in his analysis of political, cultural, and religious events. His perspective is thoughtful and biblically sound. His most recent posting argues that the current political divide in the USA shows a clear distinction in worldviews. He states that the Democrat and Republican party platforms “present two contradictory understandings of realities as basic as human life, liberty, and the institution of marriage.”

Here is the conclusion of his analysis:

We are not looking at minor matters of political difference. We are staring into the abyss of comprehensive moral conflict. Christians voters cannot escape the consequences of their vote and the fact that our most basic convictions will be revealed in the voting booth come November. Christians cannot face these questions without the knowledge that God is the Giver of life, who made every human life in his image. We cannot consider this election without the knowledge that our Creator has given us the covenant of marriage as the union of one man and one woman as the demonstration of his glory and the promise of human flourishing.

Americans will elect a President in November, but our vote will reveal far more than our political preference. The 2012 election is a worldview exercise of unprecedented contrasts. The electoral map will reveal more than an election winner. It will reveal who Americans really are and what we really believe.

The entire article is worth reading and considering. It may be found here.


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