Audio Blessings on the Road

We have just returned from a road trip that included at least a dozen states and over 60 hours on the road. The ride gave many beautiful sights, lots of conversation, and some good listening time.

Before we left, I researched how to have an audio version of the M’Cheyne Bible reading program. I found a podcast that gives the daily readings in the ESV. The reader (David Cochran Heath) is very good. The only wish for improvement I would offer is that the chapter titles should be given before reading the text. That would help immensely. To compensate for that, I played the readings on my iPod and used my phone’s reading schedule so that we could look and see the passages for the day. We all listened together and then discussed each chapter before going on to the next.

By the way, this resource is FREE. It can be found here.

I have often thought a resource like this could be a blessing for those who have longer commutes. I would highly recommend it.

One problem with listening to podcasts with an iPhone or iPod is that iTunes does not support subscriptions to podcasts from such devices. There are options, and I found the app Downcast to be very useable and worth the $1.99 price.

We were blessed in our travels by these resources. I would recommend them for you as well.



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3 responses to “Audio Blessings on the Road

  1. I just learned that Apple does have a way to subscribe to podcasts; it is called Podcasts and may be found here.
    Best of all, it’s FREE.

  2. Bo Graham

    Thanks for the tip on where to find the podcasts. Glad you and crew made it home flsafely For Android I recommend Dogg Catcher. I think I paid $3.99 but it’s full of features and you can turn nearly any audio into a podcast (think audio books with files loaded on your phones memory card or even an RSS feed) . You can set it to stream or automatically download online content and my favorite function is the variable playback speed. You can listen to an hour and a half of material in just under an hour… And it accomplishes that without changing the pitch of the audio (no Alvin and the Chipmunks effect). It’s especially great when listening to slow talkers.
    God Bless

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