Stillbirth and the Grace of God

Memorial services are always a time of mixed feelings. We grieve the loss of a loved one, but we also celebrate the memories we cherish. When a believer has died, their joys in the presence of Christ are a great help to comfort us in our time of loss. Such occasions are often times of rich blessing as we contemplate the grace of God and the wonderful assurances of God’s Word.

Last week we had a service that was a first for me. We gathered in memory of a child who died before he was born. Stillbirth is a heartbreaking event. The hopes and expectations of a loving family are shattered. And, yet, the grace of God is more than sufficient for the needy soul.

God’s abundant grace was manifest as we gathered last week. The service was an expression of confidence in the Lord, love for the boy so quickly taken, gratitude for the blessings already experienced through that short life, and a proclamation of our hope in Christ.

Several friends and family asked if a recording of the service was available. It is. I sense that many could be helped by the truths expressed in our time of worship. The recording of the service may be found here.


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