Sproul’s “Holiness of God” Free

R.C. Sproul’s book The Holiness of God (in Kindle format) is free for a limited time. You don’t need a Kindle to read these books. You can download a free Kindle reading app for Mac, PC, or mobile device. That will allow you to take advantage of these short-term offers. Another advantage to the Kindle format is that it allows for highlighting and commenting, as well as copy and paste into a separate document. I like that feature when I am preparing study or sermon notes. For example, here is a quote for Sproul’s Holiness:

What makes a college student seek the presence of God in the late hours? Something happened in a classroom that afternoon that drove me to the chapel. I was a new Christian. My conversion had been sudden and dramatic, a replica for me of the Damascus Road. My life had been turned upside down, and I was filled with zeal for the sweetness of Christ. I was consumed with a new passion. To study Scripture. To learn how to pray. To conquer the vices that assaulted my character. To grow in grace. I wanted desperately to make my life count for Christ. My soul was singing, “Lord, I want to be a Christian.”

But something was missing in my early Christian life. I had abundant zeal, but it was marked by a shallowness, a kind of simplicity that was making me a one-dimensional person. I was a Unitarian of sorts, a Unitarian of the second person of the Trinity. I knew who Jesus was, but God the Father was shrouded in mystery. He was hidden, an enigma to my mind and a stranger to my soul. A dark veil covered His face.

My philosophy class changed that.

[R. C. Sproul. The Holiness of God (Kindle Locations 50-56). Kindle Edition.]



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