Valuable Resources on Mormonism and the Bible offers many good videos on the Bible and archaeology. Their video on Jericho is excellent—I use it when I teach an Old Testament survey at our local community college. Of particular interest from this ministry based in Utah are a number of videos on Mormonism. Two that I have watched are very well done:

The Bible vs. Joseph Smith

The Bible vs. The Book of Mormon

This ministry produces a number of videos and makes many of them available for free viewing online. When they charge, the price is $7. With the issue of Mormonism so visible, it is a great help to have such material so readily available.


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  1. Phillip Waddell

    These videos are very helpful. The shaky foundation of Mormonism can be disputed very easily. With a little knowledge of The Book of Mormon and its history, Christians could be able to confront Mormons readily. I also recommend another video I saw from sourceflix called “Lifting The Veil of Polygamy.” The video shows how The Book of Mormon is contradictory and indecisive. Similar to the Qur’an, where you see a progression of changes in Mohammad’s revelation, one of Joseph Smith’s later revelations concerning marriage is completely different than his first. Obviously the Bible is the only book that transcends time and does not have to change its mind about what God said.

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