Naselli on Keswick Theology

Andy Naselli has a posted short article that summarizes his excellent dissertation on Keswick Theology. The article, “Why ‘Let Go and Let God’ Is a Bad Idea,” may be found here.

Naselli summarizes several weaknesses of Kewick theology:

1. Disjunction: It creates two categories of Christians. This is the fundamental, linchpin issue.
2. Perfectionism: It portrays a shallow and incomplete view of sin in the Christian life.
3. Quietism: It tends to emphasize passivity, not activity.
4. Pelagianism: It tends to portray the Christian’s free will as autonomously starting and stopping sanctification.
5. Methodology: It tends to use superficial formulas for instantaneous sanctification.
6. Impossibility: It tends to result in disillusionment and frustration for the “have-nots.”
7. Spin: It tends to misinterpret personal experiences.

Notes and audio from a fuller presentation may be downloaded here.

The dissertation is currently only published in digital format. It may be purchased here.

Naselli has done us a great service by producing these helpful and insightful resources.


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